Hyassant Najor 2

A Level-Headed Manager

By Ashourina Slewo

In 2006, Hyassant Najor, Market Development Manager at Level One Bank, returned to work at what was then known as Bank of Michigan. Najor had taken a break from work to take care of her young children. Now ten years later, Bank of Michigan has been acquired by Level One Bank, but Najor stands strong still with a recent promotion to prove it.

“I took a break from work to raise my children and as they grew older I decided to go back into the work force,” said Najor. “Ten years ago, I began my journey at the bank and it has led me to this position in management.”


Najor started working at the Bank of Michigan as a teller where she persisted and worked her way up the ladder and into the position of Assistant Manager. Najor’s unwavering dedication to the job continued even throughout the acquisition of Bank of Michigan. Continuing her work as Assistant Manager, Najor was able to prove herself at Level One Bank, leading to her recent promotion in April to Market Development Manager at the Farmington Hills location.


“Now with Level One Bank, I continue to prove myself every day through hard work and dedication to my clients and team, and as a result I was recently promoted to Market Development Manager at our Farmington Hills location,” said Najor.


In this new position, Najor is able to work with clients personally, giving her the opportunity to be hands-on in a capacity that was not necessarily possible in her position as a teller. “Becoming a manager allows me to be of service in greater depth to the community.”


As well, Najor, is able to use her position as Market Development Manager to connect with clients on a more personal level. This ability to connect with her clients on a daily basis is what makes Najor so passionate about her role at Level One Bank. In this role, Najor is able to showcase her abilities as she works with clients to achieve their financial dreams.


Oftentimes, Najor finds herself going beyond the call of duty in order to help her clients make their dreams a reality or guide them through financial turbulence. “I am very hands on, and I go beyond the basics to find out what my clients need in order to provide them the best financial solutions,” said Najor. “I value relationships and I love helping people make their dreams a reality. That’s why I am so passionate about my role with Level One Bank.”


In many instances, clients come to Najor when they encounter a financial problem or obstacle that impacts their life in one way or another. They come to Najor and Level One Bank seeking financial guidance. From there, Najor seeks solutions to each individual problem, giving each client that walks into Level One Bank the careful attention they need.


“By providing careful attention to my clients, getting to know them each personally, and truly understanding their needs, I can help lead them towards the right financial services,” said Najor. “As a client at Level One, you will be taken care of and feel like part of a community, not just a number or a nameless face in the crowd.”