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A Snapshot of Your Day

Capturing the perfect photos for your wedding day starts by hiring a trained and talented photographer, but there are things couples and the wedding party can do to help facilitate process. Some of the community’s top photographers offer readers tips on wedding day photos.

In line with our cover story theme, we asked them the question: What do you do differently when you are shooting photos in different seasons?


Tips from Wilson Sarkis, Wilson Sarkis Photography & Cinematography:

Tip #1: Winter weddings can be tricky. We never know what the weather is going to be like in Michigan, so we do our best to plan ahead. Our technique is pretty simple: We opt to photograph our clients in urban settings with beautiful buildings. When photographing a couple with a beautiful building the background, it covers up the landscape and season. Whether we are photographing in January or June our images look the same. A majority of our winter brides are always worried about the photo location. Photographing indoors may be another option. Find a Victorian building with gorgeous detailing, and a masterpiece that will be cherished for generations to come will be created. Downtown Detroit is your best bet.

Tip #2: Fall is our favorite season. It’s timeless. When the sun is out and the sky is blue, fall colors look their best. We always recommend photographing couples during the Fall because it captures the authentic beauty Michigan has to offer. Find a large park with big beautiful trees and explore taking engagement photos in a fall forest. Always magical!


Tips from Ramiz Romaya, Photography by Ramiz:

Tip #1: Always have a plan “B” in case of weather change. Always bring large black umbrellas, they keep you dry and are also good props for pictures. Pending locations, think of a location that has a canopy or is beautiful for indoor pictures, such as the DIA or the old Belle Isle Casino. Keep in mind that some of these locations will charge for taking photographs.

Tip #2: In the summer, be ready for rain, excess heat and road construction. The bridal party should stay hydrated, and I don’t mean alcohol. While in the fall and spring, make a plan “B” and “C” for alternate picture locations. Remember, you may not be the only wedding photographing at that location. This will cause a time delay. In the winter, it is best to plan on taking pictures before the ceremony due to decreased sunlight in the evening.

Tip #3: The men should always wear an under shirt in the summer months; it helps keep the dress shirt dry and looking good. The Bride should carry a small bottle of stain remover and a small white towel in case her dress gets stained. Always have a needle and thread ready, especially for tuxedo buttons. Order an extra boutonniere or two for the groom. After all of the hugs and kisses, the first one gets pretty beat up. Also keep in mind that the weather can also have an effect on flowers.


Tips from Hadeer Poliss, HP Productions:

Tip #1: Fall pictures are great. Tree colors are amazing at this time and so are pictures.

Tip #2: Couples should be relaxed and cooperate with the photographer when given instructions on how to pose. Don’t stress out. It is a once in a lifetime moment, so enjoy the good and bad things about it. Be on time and let the photographer take over. Sit back and relax. It is your first time getting married, but it’s an everyday thing for us.

Tip #3: Clothing affects pictures, so have a fitting person or designer to fit your wedding dress or suit. Choose the right dress or suit to fit your body.


Tips from Sam Sarkis, Samsarkisphotography:

Tip #1: For the winter wedding, I create my own lighting for indoor photography and always look for texture and color background to make it more interesting.

Tip #2: It’s imperative that when taking any photos, you use the right angle and the right camera lens and position image.

Tip #3: We try to capture the mood. Turning day into a night-time scene in photography takes extensive experience.


Tips from Ivan George, Futurewave Images:

Tip #1: Fall is great time for engagement photos and wedding photos. Because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful, keep clothing colors simple and neutral.

Tip #2: Makeup really matters, and as photographers, we love for the bride to have a vibrant lip color.