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Are You A Pet Lover, Why Or Why Not?

There once was a time when having a pet was not given any consideration, but times are changing.  More and more pets are welcomed into the home, which is why we asked members of the community what their feeling are on owning a pet?


Lavrena Kenaya, 20, West Bloomfield:

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Growing up I’ve never had a pet in my household. My parents don’t like any pets in the house and that characteristic rubbed off on me as well. Thinking of, let’s say a dog, running around outside getting dirty and then coming back inside doesn’t sound appealing. Although some pets can be cute and fun to play with, i don’t feel like i would have the time to properly take care of it


Jake Jarbou, 23, Shelby Township:

Jake JarbouWEB

I believe my dog is a completely selfless creature. Olaf cares more about everyone in my family than he does about his own well being. He is truly altruistic as most dogs are. As you can tell I clearly love dogs and most animals!





Niahl Sheena, 21, Keego Harbor:

Niahl SheenaWEB

I love having pets, more specifically having a dog by my side. My dog is a Shiba inu and he is considered a full member of the family. He is quick to learn, and very fit. Basically he is an all around beast.




Katherine Kassa, 20, West Bloomfield:

Katherine KassaWEB

I am a huge pet lover. My favorite thing every day is coming home to my dog Charlie because he is always so excited to see me. Pets live to make you happy, they bring a daily dose of love.





Myrna Siba, 20, Madison Heights:

Myrna SibaWEB

I wasn’t a pet lover until I got my dog last year. I can always look forward to coming home, after a ruff (haha) day at work and school, to unconditional love from Coco. She’s truly my best stress reliever.




Alex Goryoka, 22, Commerce Twp:

Alex GoryokaWEB

When it comes to loving pets the feeling is mutual; we love them and they love us. The way animals (especially dogs) share love and affection with their owner is incomparable to any other love, because it’s unconditional. Dogs provide comfort, they make you laugh, bring you joy, provide companionship and loyalty. We connect to pets at an emotional level; it’s probably God’s gift that they don’t speak to us, because they’re like a friend who’ll never judge you. Dogs are humane animals because they can sense your true feelings, unlike humans we often hide what we feel. Dogs know you better than you know yourself and are unflinching in their dedication to liven up your day.