Letters to the Editor – March 2017

Tying the Knot

I think if Jesus showed up today marriage and family would be very much on His mind. The family is the core unit of society and if this unravels, society unravels. Divorce contributes to this. I do not judge anyone who is divorced because I know it is a very difficult and painful situation with a lot of heartache. We should not judge them just as it is not our place to judge anyone. We leave that to God who is the only one who can judge perfectly. Divorcees have the option of annulment before remarriage. Annulment is necessary because marriage is God’s law, not man’s. If an annulment is granted individuals can remarry and receive communion, no problem. What if an annulment is not granted? That is truly difficult and sad and I don’t have an answer but Our Blessed Mother has said that if we pray and fast we will find a solution to every problem even if we believe non exists. If someone chooses to remarry w/o an annulment God will not banish them. He will love them and stay close to them. Receiving communion will not help them but going to Mass will.

-Vickie Sarafa


Contrasting view

Dubia De Sarafa: Responding to A Fallacious and Uncharitable Article

The “slanting” fallacy involves describing a position in negative terms instead of arguing against it. Sarafa’s piece concerning Cardinal Burke is slant-riddled. Using words such as “extreme,” “traditionalism,” “moralism,” “rigid,” “byzantine,” “arcane,” “absurd,” and “anti-Francis,” his piece evokes a knee-jerk reaction intended to cloud rational judgment. Ironically, Sarafa accuses the Cardinal of “ranting,” though Sarafa’s own article reads like a tantrum and is misinformed.

Burke sees himself as Francis’ supporter and protector, not his “opponent.” He is concerned to prevent moral mayhem; a true pastor, he believes, ensures moral accountability, not accommodation. That formal correction of a pontiff “has not been used in centuries” does not illegitimate it; suggesting that a policy such as this should be revoked if it is seldom transgressed, or rarely applied, is irrational.

The Church is “stupid,” Sarafa thinks, not to support contraceptive measures in “depraved places.” However, if “ends justify means,” we open ourselves to moral violations that not even Sarafa would accept. Or perhaps he would–since he seems ignorant of the philosophical foundations of the Church’s sexual morality, claiming that it is a set of “assertions” without a basis in “common sense and decency.”

Utterly against charity, and astonishing illogical, is his ad hominem suggestion that advanced age renders a person’s moral or philosophical positions untenable (he notes repeatedly that the dubia were composed by “octogenarians”–“the old”)! One wonders if Sarafa’s opinions, too, will expire as he seasons.

In the penultimate paragraph of the article we see both hysteria and calumny. Sarafa actually suggests that the Cardinal is a cross-dresser.

Sarafa’s article offends liberals, conservatives, charity itself, and most of all reason. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and criticizing a Cardinal who clearly has fortitude surpassing 99% of us Catholics, let’s look to Burke as a moral exemplar and defender of truth.

-Dr. Elizabeth Salas, Ph.D and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Sacred Heart Major Seminary


Concern for others

This letter was sent to Archdiocese of Detroit, in response to the Michigan Catholic’s Feb. 10th cover story.

Greetings Father Grau and Mr. Blaul:
It was good seeing the concern for refugees by the Archbishop, but I saw very little mention of resettling and aiding our Christian brothers and sisters being severely persecuted in the Middle East! This disturbed me greatly, especially after reading the article linked below. National security is a must! article. All of my Catholic relatives and friends in the A of D feel the same. See 20 “..Thoroughly Vetted..” Muslim Refugees Who Committed Acts of Terrorism Inside the United States After Being Approved for Entry.

– Nick Sayers