Ordiantion 12

Ordained to Serve

Fr. Patrick Setto is the newest priest in the Chaldean community.

By Renna Sarafa

He is the eighth priest to be ordained in Chaldean Rite since 2009.  Fr. Bryan Kassa, ordained just last year, was the seventh.

Raw emotion was the hallmark of Fr. Patrick Setto’s ordination held on July 1 at Mother of God Cathedral. The ordination mass was presided over by his Excellency Bishop Francis Kallabat and at least four other bishops.

Hundreds of friends, family, and supporters attended this special occasion including nearly 30 priests, Sisters from the Chaldeans Daughters of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters from Mother Teresa’s Order, 12 Chaldean seminarians along with other seminarians from Sacred Heart Seminary.

Fr. Patrick is the youngest of four children born to Moayad and Lamon Setto. He has three older sisters.

Setting the mood for this solemn event was the beautiful hymns of several of the Chaldean Church choirs.

As the Mass continued, Fr. Patrick laid his emotions bear as his dream of becoming a Chaldean priest was about to become a reality. This visceral emotion was also visible in the dozens of priests that were in attendance, where smiles were reflective of the joy in the church.

Bishop Francis spoke directly to Fr. Patrick in his homily challenging him to be “a witness, a leader, and a commander to the people,” just as St. Paul was called to be an apostle by Jesus. As the Bishop often does, he concluded his homily by summoning the response of the people with the prayer, “The Lord wants to touch you, open up your hearts and your lives so that we can say…” and all joined in the refrain “… Blessed be the name of Jesus, now at all times, and forever. Amen.”

Fr. Patrick was modest in his reaction to his ordination. He said, “I am truly grateful that God has shown me His love and mercy in a way that I cannot put into words but I will only be able to show it in my actions to others in my priesthood.”

Fr. Bryan Kassa, currently assigned to St. Joseph of Troy Parish, had this to say about his brother priest’s ordination: “Watching Fr. Patrick become a priest reminded me of my own ordination one-year prior. I was filled with excitement for him as the procession led him down the aisle as he approached the altar for the last time as a Deacon. The Holy Spirit changed his soul that day and he will never be the same. He’s an amazing person and will therefore make an amazing spiritual father for all the souls God has entrusted him with.”

Bishop Francis assigned Fr. Patrick to Mother of God as Parochial Vicar, where he will join Fr. Pierre Konja who is the administrator. A parochial vicar is a priest assigned to a parish and works alongside the pastor or in this case the administrator.

While still a seminarian, Patrick Setto was photographed scraping away paint prior to repairing features on a well-known statue. It was for a Detroit News article.  The statue stands at the corner of Chicago and Linwood in Detroit. It was erected in the 1960s at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

It is known as the Black Jesus clothed in a white robe adorned with a red heart and gold rays, and his arms outstretched on both sides. It was once white, believed to be painted black during the time of the Detroit riots.  Officials at Sacred Heart Major Seminary decided to keep it black. Something most people might not know is that as a hobby, Fr. Patrick Setto has been repairing religious statues since his teenage years.