The Blessed Virgin Mary as seen in a stained glass window.

The Month of Mary

This Christian custom of dedicating the month of May to the Blessed Virgin arose at the end of the 13th century. In this way, the Church was able to Christianize the secular feasts which were wont to take place at that time. In the 16th century, books appeared and fostered this devotion.

The practice became especially popular among the members of the Jesuit Order — by 1700 it took hold among their students at the Roman College and a bit later it was publicly practiced in the Gesu Church in Rome. From there it spread to the whole Church.

The practice was granted a partial indulgence by Pius VII in 1815 and a plenary indulgence by Pius IX in 1859. With the complete revision of indulgences in 1966 and the decreased emphasis on specific indulgences, it no longer carries an indulgence; however it certainly falls within the category of the First General Grant of Indulgences.

Mother of God, remember me.
O Virgin and Mother, grant that I may always remember thee.
Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me.
O Lady, grant that Jesus may never cast me off.
O Mary, may my heart never cease to love thee, and my tongue never cease to praise thee.
O Lady, by the love which thou bearest to Jesus, help me to love Him.
O Mary, be graciously pleased to make me thy servant.
O Mary, I give myself to thee without reserve; do thou accept and preserve me.
O Mary, abandon me not until death.
Hail, Mary, my Mother.
Holy Mary, my Advocate, pray for me.