Surviving the Social Jungle

Date: 04/22/2017

Surviving the Social Jungle (501c3) is a conference that takes a fresh approach to managing unfriendly peer behavior and preventing bullying, with specialized tracks for kids, adults and professional educators. At the conference, kids will learn practical skills and strategies for dealing with mean behavior before it turns into a bullying situation, and the “do’s and don’ts” of being a friendly classmate and standing up for themselves. Also, the kids’ tracks are engaging stations in which the kids learn the lessons.

They will participate in fun activities like Verbal Judo, Judo Moves, Mindfulness, a photo booth and games. Adults including, parents, teachers, school administrators, and camp counselors will learn the latest research on social rejection, practical advice on how to recognize and help kids manage mean behavior and bullying in school, extracurricular activities, as well as techniques to empower students and advice on how to best intervene when needed. Seaholm High School, located at 2436 West Lincoln Birmingham, MI.  Visit