Yvonne's Invites #1

You’re Invited

By Vanessa Denha Garmo

The wedding invitation could be the first glimpse into what a couple’s wedding will be like.

“The invitation can really set the tone of a wedding, so it should be something that reflects a couple’s taste, style and budget,” said Dalia Atisha, The Event Planner.  Yvonne's Invites # 4

“Once you design your invitation, guests may have an idea of the type of wedding you are planning,” said Yvonne Abbo, Yvonne’s Invitations, “whether it is classic elegance or classic contemporary for instance.”

Budgeting for the invitation is important. “It’s very exciting planning a wedding and most couples will start a board on Pinterest ‘Wedding of My Dreams,’ said Abbo. “You need to first figure out the guest list and how many invites you might need. Divide your guest list by 2 and then add 25 percent to your list; you will get a more accurate head count.”

Re-ordering invitations after an initial order can get pricey. “It is also important to remember postage price when choosing your invite,” said Abbo. “Also, make sure that you have a sample of how an invite is assembled and then go to the post office to figure out how much each one will cost to mail out.”

Most couples gravitate towards timeless colors such as crème, white, gold and silver invitations. “However, there are some couples that really want to showcase their wedding style,” said Atisha.  “If a couple is having a winter wedding, they can reflect their wedding style with a winter wonderland invitation.”

“A snowflake is winter’s butterfly – a winter wonderland theme is so enchanting,” said Abbo. “There are many lavish colors that work in the winter. Winter white is also very popular for paper color and also for accent colors.”

The spring and summer seasons inspire their own colorful theme. “If a couple is having a spring/summer wedding they can reflect their wedding style with a floral invitation or vibrant colored paper and ink colors,” said Atisha.

Yvonne's Invites # 3

“If we didn’t have winter, we couldn’t love our spring and summer season so much,” said Abbo. “Foil wedding invitations are very popular this year and can be used for any season. Vintage elegance is definitely present with pearls and laser-cut lace accenting the wording on the card.”

For the fall, “a couple could reflect their wedding style with brunt orange, red and golden tones even somehow incorporating leaves,” said Atisha. “Couples can really bring out the seasonal theme of their wedding with embellishments such as gem stones, handmade flowers, and ribbons. They can also do embossed stamping for example of leaves and snowflakes — the possibilities are endless.”

Many couples fall in love with the fall season. “Brides love the idea of a rustic theme with tree branches and burlap invitations,” said Abbo. “Use some rhinestones and bows to add an elegant touch.”

Ordering the invitation is part of the wedding planning.  “Create an excel sheet of your guest list,” said Abbo. “This will help keep you organized.”

“A couple should allow at least four months before the wedding to order invitations to have enough time to get them and package them up to send out,” said Atisha.  “Couples should be sure to proof their invitation and have a few other people read it to make sure it doesn’t need to be modified or have any mistakes.”

Abbo also recommends working with a seasoned wedding planner. “They help with seating of guest for instance,” she said. “I recommend personalized cocktail napkins, as well; they offer a nice touch and can complement the invitation.”

Like Abbo, Atisha loves to get crafty.  “We do seating charts, place cards, entrance table set up/design, programs, menu cards, tables numbers, pretty much everything that is part of the wedding theme and décor,” said Atisha.