Kids and the Internet


In an age where we are connected 24/7, we wanted to know some of the precautions parents in the community take when it comes to their kids and the Internet. We posed the question: how do you monitor your children on social media?


Where to go to college?

While it may seem as though Summer has just begun, we have dedicated this month’s issue to back to school, specifically focusing on universities and colleges. We asked students how they made the decision to go to the college or university they currently attend.

JULY 2018

Will you vote?

By Halim Sheena

Voters turn out in large numbers every four years to vote in the presidential election. Just as pivotal are the midterm elections every two years, however, voter turnout is substantially less. We asked our readers: do you vote in midterm elections? Why or why not?


JUNE 2018

This year’s winter was one of the worst, but Michigan is finally starting to warm up. We asked our readers: what do you look forward to doing the most this summer?

MAY 2018

Mother's Day

As we get ready to celebrate moms everywhere this month, we wanted to know what Mother’s Day meant to members of the community. We posed the question: What does Mother’s Day mean to you?


JULY 2017

Detainment Unfair? In this issue, we focused on the mass detainment and potential deportation of more than 100 Iraqi Christians in the Metro Detroit area. We wanted to know what our community members thought of the situation. So, we posed the question: What do you think of the detainment and possible mass deportation to Iraq?

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JUNE 2017

Perfecting the nest: In this issue, we focused on home improvement. We wanted to know what some of our community members would want to improve in their ownhomes. So, we posed the question: If you could change one thing in your house, what would itbe?

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