King George rules his video game world

Detroiter focusing on live-streaming and content creation

By Steve Stein

King George is royalty in the video gaming world.

George Kassa

George Kassa

George Kassa is King George’s real name. He’s a 28-year-old Detroiter who quickly made a name for himself as a professional video game competitor, then left that sphere in January to focus entirely on live-streaming and content creation.

“What I’m doing now is far better for me in the long term than playing professionally,” Kassa said. “It’s better financially, and I have more control over my time and the content I produce.”

Kassa described playing professionally as “very, very, very stressful and time consuming.”

When he plays now, Kassa said, he decides when he plays and who he plays against.

His competitions these days are live-streamed on Twitch, a video platform owned by a subsidiary of Amazon. Kassa has about 6,000 subscribers.

He earns money from paid subscriptions and sponsors pay him to use their equipment and en­dorse their products.

“It’s entertainment and it’s educational,” Kassa said about his live-streams.

“I think people enjoy watching me play because I have a dry sense of humor, and I use accents like a Joe Pesci-type ‘mob’ guy,” he said. “I’m being myself. I’m not an actor. That’s impor­tant.”

George Kassa (left) celebrates with two of his Continuum teammates after Continuum won the prestigious Six Invitational tournament in Montreal in 2017.

George Kassa (left) celebrates with two of his Continuum teammates after Continuum won the prestigious Six Invitational tournament in Montreal in 2017.

Before he began his journey to become a pro­fessional video game player, Kassa said, he was a quiet, reserved guy. Today is a different story. He has a regal nickname bestowed upon him by friends and a more outgoing personality.

Crowds don’t intimidate him.

“I can speak in front of 10,000 people and not be nervous at all,” he said, adding that he was looking forward to a paid-for trip to Los An­geles to do a meet-and-greet at a video game convention.

Kassa’s video game of choice is Rain­bow Six Siege, which he describes in basic terms as a 5-v-5 com­petition between com­puter-generated terrorists and counter-terrorists.

The game was released worldwide Dec. 1, 2015, about the same time Kassa found himself with time on his hands because a shoulder injury prevented him from doing his regular gym workouts. He still was busy with his fireworks business and selling real estate, but his gym time suddenly was open.

“I spent my extra time doing what many guys my age do. Playing video games,” Kassa said.

He became proficient in Rainbow Six Siege, eventually competing professionally for two years at the highest level and traveling all over the world for competitions.

Kassa was a member of the renowned Rogue team when he stopped competing professionally. The team is owned by the Imagine Dragons rock band and musician, record producer, deejay and music executive Steve Aoki.

When he was with the Continuum team, Kassa won the Six Invitational in Montreal in 2017. Six Invitational is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in Rainbow Six Siege.

Here’s how to find Kassa on social media, and check out his gear and merchandise: