Turning the Page

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When we began this venture more than 15 years ago, we knew that the publica­tion we were creating was important, not just to the Chaldean communi­ty, but to all the communities with whom we interact.

The Chaldean News (CN) has grown to be more than a publication, more than a media outlet. Since the creation of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce (CACC) and the Chaldean Community Founda­tion (CCF), the strength of the Chal­dean community in metro Detroit has grown as well. The CN is the natural hub. It is poised to be the main source for breaking news and most up-to-date resources for Chaldeans, not just in Southeast Michigan but worldwide.

The acquisition of The Chal­dean News by the CCF seems or­ganic. Who better to further engage the community than an organization that engages the community daily— helping, teaching, and assisting with life-changing issues? The CCF works with our community on both sides of Woodward Avenue and is growing to meet the needs of a rising population.

Construction has begun on a 19,000 square foot expansion to the CCF in Sterling Heights and is ex­pected to launch next spring on a $25 million mixed use/affordable housing development just a few miles to the northeast of the Center. Amid all this disruption, staff is working with gov­ernment officials and attorneys to ad­vocate for those at risk of deportation and help create a stable support base.

With its mission of improving the stability, health and wellness of those they serve through advocacy, accul­turation, community development and cultural preservation, the CCF has a record of providing support and ser­vices to the community. The Chamber of Commerce (CACC) in Farmington Hills provides resources and training for the business community, encourag­ing dialogue between all.

The CACC and CCF share a mission of service to the community, with the CCF as the heartbeat. Their core work includes acculturation for new Americans, breaking barriers for those with special needs, behavioral health services, assistance with trans­portation and medical care, and cul­tural preservation. The CCF brings to the table established partnerships such as with Mango Languages, cre­ating an app to preserve and sustain the Aramaic tongue.

Adding the resources of the CACC and CCF to the CN mix al­lows the publication to expand cov­erage to include more broad-based topics that affect our community. Things are happening on all levels that affect our daily lives, our schools, and our churches. The newspaper will provide more in-depth coverage and will grow with the entire orga­nization. Already, research is being conducted on rolling out a bilingual section, launching an app and offer­ing more digital services.

We understand that we have a large audience, from the old school to the new, and we want to honor all of you as we honor the history and tradition of the newspaper. The non-profit status afforded under the Foun­dation umbrella will allow us access to resources we didn’t have before.

The CCF was built not only to serve the current community, but to support future generations. Providing auto loans year-round and presenting college scholarships every fall are just two of the ways in which we do that. The purchase of the CN will allow us to do even more. Embracing new technologies at the same time ensur­ing no one is left behind; this publi­cation is prepared to meet the needs of the entire community.

Guided by our mission of service, the Chaldean News will celebrate our community’s accomplishments, contributions, and blessings while keeping you informed as we look to our exciting future.

Yours in Service,

Sylvester Sandiha and Martin Manna