Refugees for prosperity

 I don’t have to deliver a history lesson to remind people that this country was founded on immi­grants and the vital impact each eth­nic group has contributed to the pros­perity of this country. Metropolitan Detroit is a shining example! But in a time of increased restrictions on immigrants and a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers, Con­gress and the Trump Administration need to develop and pass immigra­tion laws that will help fill the talent gap and support persecuted commu­nities throughout the world.

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New research shows refugees contribute $295M annually to Michigan economy

Every year, refugees to Southeast Michigan contribute up to $295 million to the region’s economy and, in 2016 alone, they created up to 2, 311 new jobs. That’s according to a new study released by Global Detroit and University of Michigan researchers.

The study estimates total annual economic impact to be between $229.6 million and $295.3 million in new spending, along with between 1,798 and 2,311 new jobs, in 2016 alone, from the over 21,000 refugees that resettled into Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties between 2007-2016.

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