Yella Bye!

What's in a name?

Can we get all the Chaldean families with different spellings of their last name together and take a vote on one name? Seriously how do you print shirts at a family reunion when you have Shounia, Shunia Shonia, Shonea, Oh and let’s not forget Shuniya.

Are there more Karmos or Garmos? Should majority rule? And, one of the biggest Chaldean families, please two o’s or one? Is it Yaldoo or Yaldo? Who decided on Yaldou and Yaldu?

Khamo, Khammo, Khamoo, ahoo already! Get it straight. We just can’t keep up with the Kinaias, Kinayas Kenayas and Kainayas.

The Dinhas got it right when they conformed to Denha but Denjas are still keeping their Mexican influence. Is it adios to that? We still love you our amigos.

We would say Yousif had it right until one family threw in an “e”. How is it Yousef?

You can’t really mess up Mansour or can you? There is Mansoor and Mansor?

Is there one family with one universal spelling?

Okay, yella bye!

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(Inspired by Ashourina Slewo and contributions by Vanessa Denha Garmo)