Yella Bye!

Silly Superstitions

By Ashourina Slewo

“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little sti­tious.” – Michael Scott, The Office

The notion that black cats and broken mirrors bring bad luck are some of the most common super­stitions. Our community has its fair share of superstitious beliefs. You’ll find, how­ever, that like most things in our commu­nity, these superstitions are a bit exagger­ated and at times, laughable.

Even as laughable as these supersti­tions can be, many of us still find our­selves playing into and believing them.

As a kid, nothing got me more excited than when my right hand would start itch­ing. The belief was that if your right hand was itching – you would receive money.

It was never a coincidence that shortly after, my favorite non-grandpa grandpa would show up with ten dollars just for me.

It was also never a coincidence that my left hand would start itching right af­ter I got the money. The left hand itching signified the loss of money.

What can I say? A girl needs her ice cream.

Another superstition that still gets me to this day is the upside-down shoe. Some of my more eccentric elders were always yelling at me to never leave a shoe flipped upside down – it was disrespectful to God.

This is a tough one. My rational mind tells me that this is just another silly su­perstition, but the khaltoo in my head is screaming otherwise. So, I flip any upside-down shoe I see, just in case.

By far, though, the weirdest supersti­tion has got to be getting pinched on the butt when certain people would compli­ment me. Another one of my eccentric elders would pinch my butt when certain friends or family members would pay me a compliment to “ward off the evil eye.”

I’m still not sure what this means or why it was necessary to pinch me so hard I’d bruise.

Another popular superstition, one I still find myself doing sometimes, is knocking on wood for good luck. I have a sneaking suspicion that no one really knows why we do this or how it started and is done more out of habit than anything else.

I’m sure I could go on and on about dozens of other over-the-top supersti­tions, but they’ll only get weirder and I’ll just get more confused.

What are some funny superstitions you can think of?