What mob?

Mike Sarafa

Mike Sarafa

Several times now, the coverage of the deportation issue has made references to the so called Chaldean Mob. Apparently, one of the detainees was a reputed overlord back in the 1970’s. News reports have referred to this individual as the Chaldean Godfather.

There are several problems with this coverage. First, nobody I've talked to--people that would know--believe that there is such a thing. In the old days, I suppose there might have been a crime syndicate that included men of Chaldean descent. I'm not sure that qualifies as a mob. Yes, there are Chaldeans who have been criminals but it doesn’t define organized crime.

It certainly doesn't rise to the oft used description of “Chaldean Mob.” In 40 years, I've never heard the use of the phrase “Godfather” in reference to this particular person. I can't find anyone who has.

Could it be that the mob and it's supposed Godfather are a creation of law enforcement and the media, both of whom like to sensationalize these types of issues and people?

More importantly, what is the relevance of constantly digging up this history that is so old that reporters would have to review microfiche roles (if you're younger 30 years old, look it up) to do their research.

One answer I got from a reporter was that the issue became newsworthy because there was a hunger strike. Ha? Even if there was one, I still don't get it. There are so many better stories--more newsworthy with more sympathetic people and facts at the core.

The main stream media need to get over it and move on. Or they need to be specific about who and what they're talking about and why it's important.

Because in the Chaldean Community, no one knows what the hell they're talking about.