In memoriam

In memoriam

The community and the Shenandoah family in particular were shocked by the sudden death of Kays “Kenny” Zair last month. Kenny was a loving husband, father and grandfather. Over the years, he was a fixture at Southfield Manor and then Shenandoah. He also was a past President of the Chaldean Iraqi Association of Michigan. He was known for his light-hearted good cheer and friendliness. It is not without notice that Kenny passed away at his second home, the Shenandoah Country Club. Kenny will be greatly missed by his family and friends. The loss of his presence at Shenandoah will be felt by many. Kenny was the ultimate Nadee’ (Club) man.


Prelate visits Chaldean Diocese

Cardinal Leonardo Sandri visited Michigan for three days in June. Cardinal Sandri has been a senior advisor to Pope Francis and Pope benedict before him. He is currently the Prefect of the Congregation of Oriental Churches which includes the Chaldean Rite of the Catholic Church.  In this role, Cardinal Sandri is the main contact in Rome for the Chaldean Catholic Church. The Cardinal had a series of meetings with Bishop Francis Kalabat, co-celebrated Mass at Mother of God Cathedral and enjoyed a first-rate dinner at Shenandoah Country Club, among other meetings held during his visit.


Moral ambiguity

One of the more clairvoyant candidates for the democratic nomination for President is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of South Bend Indiana. His common- sense policy prescriptions, well-reasoned responses and pro-business leanings have helped jump into the top tier of candidates. Buttigieg is gay and married. He is also a practicing Christian. He was raised Catholic but switched to the Episcopalian Church because of their more open attitudes towards homosexuals.

For many in our community, his lifestyle and personal choices will prove to be a non-starter. Others might say his family life is more appropriate and admirable than the current President, Donald Trump, who is on his third marriage and is a known womanizer.

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