W3R gives back to community

By Ashourina Slewo

W3R Consulting came to fruition as a result of a budding college friendship between Eric Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, and Patrick Tomina, Chief Financial Officer. Hardy and Tomina came together as business partners and recognized the potential of Information Technology. For years, Hardy and Tomina worked on developing their company. Their perseverance and commitment to their business model has made W3R one of the largest minority owned staffing companies in Michigan.

“We had plenty of opportunities to give up and to continue our careers as engineers,” said Tomina. “Today, we are glad we had the perseverance to continue forward.”

Now 22 years later, W3R Consulting continues to stand strong and is looking to honor their company’s success by giving back to the very communities that supported them throughout their journey. W3R Consulting decided to give $100,000 in STEM/STEAM in scholarships. “The major partnership team is African American and Chaldean American,” said Tomina. “We always had an understanding that we would give back to our own communities at an equal level when we had the chance. We are fortunate enough now to be able to try to provide students and our future leaders with financial assistance and mentorship opportunities.”

Through their partnerships with both the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, W3R Consulting have devised a plan in which the scholarship money will be doled out over the course of five years. W3R Consulting will split $20,000 between the two chambers each year, leaving each chamber with $10,000. The two chambers are then tasked with choosing two scholarship winners to receive $5,000 each. 

According to Tomina, both chambers have played significant roles in the success of W3R over the years and feel it is important to give back to the chambers whenever they can. “It is also equally as important to help our minority communities and business partners,” said Tomina.

“Since Patrick and I began our careers as engineers and we specialize in providing STEM consultants to members of local business communities, we were very enthusiastic about the idea of contributing to STEM/STEAM education,” said Hardy. 

As well as giving $100,000 in STEM/STEAM scholarships, W3R Consulting gives back to the community in a number of ways. From being involved in chamber related activities to volunteering and providing financial support, W3R Consulting is steadily making an impact in their minority communities as well as the local community outside of their own.

“Whether we’re spending time volunteering, acting in a board leadership capacity, providing financial support to programs, our team is always dedicated to engaging with our communities,” said Hardy. “It’s that spirit of giving that makes our team exceptional.”

Along with the spirit of giving, Tomina states that the relationships they have forged with customers, employees and community leaders are the secret to their overall success. Attributing their successes to strong relationships and their setbacks to the lack of relationships.

“Strong relationships will get you through any situation as long as you are genuine in that relationship,” said Tomina. “Our employees also appreciate the genuine nature of the ownership team and they reward us with great work.”

Michigan-based Chaldean students can apply for the scholarships through the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce. Students applying must be pursuing STEM undergraduate degrees and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.