Smooth shaving

Local barber finds success in grooming men

By Vanessa Denha Garmo


Sean Tela started cutting hair at 11-years-old while still living in Telkeppe, Iraq. His family later moved to Baghdad where he continued to cut hair. “My dad’s friend who lived across the street from us back home taught me how to cut hair,” he said, “but cutting hair there and working here in the United States is day and night – no comparison.”

Tela and his family moved to America in 2007 when he was 14-years-old and after graduating from Walled Lake Central high school he went to a Detroit Barber School. “I had to fulfill 2,000 hours before I could graduate.”

He worked for about three years at a barber shop in Farmington Hills and then at a salon in West Bloomfield before opening Sean’s Salon on Haggerty Road in West Bloomfield Twp.

He has three barbers who work with him and four hair dressers. He also offers gift certificates for holidays, including Father’s Day.

“We cut hair for men and women of all ages but specialize in men. I have cut a 5-month old boy’s hair and men in their 90s,” said Tela. “We have customers who come in weekly to get groomed. They get straight blade shaves.”

Although he has both male and female clients, his specialty is in being a barber. He does cuts, coloring, fading, eye brow waxing, blading, shaving, grooming, and threading. He is married with two kids – a 2-year-old and a six-month-old and his wife, Nora, works the business three days a week. “I feel great when she is here,” he said. “She runs the business A to Z.

“Men can shave themselves but it’s hard to get a straight line and shave the back of the neck,” he noted. “Our customers want to look clean and presentable all the time. That is what we provide them.”

He recently remodeled the business and is looking for employees to fill his open chairs. “I love what I do but I need help,” he said. “We are so busy. I cannot keep up with the customers. We need more barbers and hair dressers for the clients who keep coming in.”

On this day, Sean had customers waiting for a cut and shave. Andrew Marrogy comes in once every three weeks. “I come here because of Sean,” said Marrogy. “I sit in his chair and he does what I need done.”

Sean’s Salon is open six days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. He is closed on Mondays. They care for clients by appointment and walk-ins are welcome