Soaring family fun

By Sarah Kittle

Urban Air ribbon cutting.

Urban Air ribbon cutting.

Urban Air Adventure Park in Sterling Heights cut their ribbon at 11950 Hall Road on October 3. The full-service family fun center opened its doors to much fanfare and celebration. More than simply a trampoline park—as if that were not enough—this ultimate indoor playground offers so many attractions, numerous visits are necessary to try them all.

Co-owner Wassem (Wes) Ayar hopes people do get the opportunity to try them all. He has big plans for the park. “It’s a great business model.”

Also a T-Mobile franchisee, Ayar is moving away from phone service provider business and into the business of fun.

Ayar began his business ventures in 2006 with a Sprint store in Detroit. There he learned how to handle many different types of customers, finding he had a knack for managing others and discovered he really loved doing business.

He liked creating structure and enjoyed employing people. The things he liked about business made for good business. He also liked seeing how far he can push an idea. “By character, I am a risk-taker.”

Fast forward a few years.  Ayar and his business partner are in Pennsylvania with their passel of kids, and they take them to Urban Air Adventure Park. Immediately it was clear this was something different. “It’s a stand-out franchise,” says Ayar. “The entire family can play together, instead of parents watching their kids play. It’s so much more fun.”

Family is important to Ayar. The family he comes from is small by Chaldean standards, concentrated east of Dequindre. The Ayars of the west side of town are distant relations. He knows the importance of family bonding, and he’s proud of providing it.

Urban Air gives the whole family the chance to join in on the fun!

Urban Air gives the whole family the chance to join in on the fun!

Families that play together stay together. More than any other type of park, Urban Air offers something for everyone, and of pretty much of all ages. For the excessively energetic, high-octane activities such as spin- and flip-zone bumper cars might fit the bill.

Competitive types will certainly like the obstacle and ninja warrior courses. Thrill-seekers can try Sky Rider, a zip line rollercoaster that soars overhead. There’s an ‘under-7’ area for the wee ones, and everything in between.

The franchise, founded in 2011, is one of the largest operators offering active entertainment and special event experiences for families and organizations.

Teambuilding has been a buzzword in business for a long time, and Urban Air’s proprietary attractions offer a new and fun way to connect and strengthen bonds, not only within families but within organizations, too. Sure they have ropes courses, but there’s so much more.

Besides the aforementioned obstacle/ninja warrior courses and zip-line coasters, Urban Air presents virtual reality experiences, go karts, indoor skydiving and of course, trampolines. It’s won many awards with its focus on active play.

Ayar is happy to bring that active play to Sterling Heights. It’s a family-centered community, and strengthening the family means everything. He is really excited about how the operation works. You don’t purchase ride tickets, like most amusement parks, but rather a day pass. This allows unlimited access across the space.

If all that activity gets you hungry or thirsty, you don’t have to leave. Urban Café has got you covered.

This winter, Urban Air could be a real lifesaver. Extreme cold weather preventing outdoor play, indoor amusement parks like this could answer the age-old question asked by Michigan parents every fall: “How can we keep the kids occupied and entertained while retaining our sanity?”

Bringing challenging indoor activities to new heights, Urban Air Sterling Heights offers a wide range of activities that appeal to all ages and skill sets.  To Ayar, it’s all about providing family fun and creating lasting memories. “If you’re in my place, you’re family.”