Learning never ends

Vanessa Denha Garmo

Vanessa Denha Garmo

While our kids head back to school for the 2017/2018 school year, I look for ways to continue learning all year long.  Life is about learning regardless of your age and stage in your career. 

I continue my education in public relations, communications and journalism in order to deliver the best service and product for my Denha Media clients and our Chaldean News readers. 

Some of us are in positions where we share information but you can’t teach what you don’t know. Learning never stops – or at least – it never should stop. 

I am constantly reading books, and other materials on my respective industry. I encourage my husband in the HVAC industry to do the same. He attends workshops and seminars on heating and cooling when possible. 

Then there are some people who allow the ego to think they know everything or perhaps it stems from deep insecurity.  In reality, none of us live long enough to know everything we need to know. 

I sit here writing this column looking over a group of kids at ECRC’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the Imagination Station session. The theme of the lesson on this day is that God’s love never ends. At VBS, crew leaders teach concepts through exercises, demonstrations, toys and crafts. 

As they are in the early stages of their faith journey, I am seeing first-hand the importance of teaching our children even while on summer vacation. 

Learning should never have an end date. The last day of school does not mean the end of learning for three months. 

This month we focus on our annual Back to School guide. Not only do we list schools but we share stories. My nephew writes his debut article in the Chaldean News about college students working while in school.  Having a job also provides an opportunity to learn. Nicholas (Nick) LaFave is on his way to Wayne State University. 

Meanwhile, Renna Sarafa pens a story about our new priest Fr. Patrick Setto who spent years in seminary learning and preparing for the priesthood before he was ordained last month. 

Renna heads to Michigan State University and both Nick and Renna will continue to write for the Chaldean News as they earn their college degrees. 

Parents, too, can educate themselves when it comes to the college application process and scholarship opportunities. Our cover story features college scholarships offered by our local community groups.  

A report in 2015 showed that students left more than $2.9 billion in college money on the table. Even though we did not cover all the scholarships available, it’s worth parents checking into for themselves. 

Every time I interview someone and write a story, I learn something new. It was the very reason I was attracted to journalism – you are constantly meeting new people and learning. I used to say that as a journalist you become an expert in everything and professional in nothing. For example, I have watched surgeons in the operating room and have learned about medical procedures but there is no way I am qualified to operate on anyone. 

Like most kids, I used to dread school but today, I look for every opportunity to learn something new. The best thing is that it never ends. 

Alaha Imid Koullen
(God Be With Us All)
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