Celebrating our culture and faith

Vanessa Denha Garmo

Vanessa Denha Garmo

My hit or miss understanding of the Sourath language really frustrates me. I used to know it so much better in my younger years when I spent more time around my grandmother Agatha and my mom’s family.  It was spoken all the time.  When I lived with my parents, I listened to conversations and my grasp of the language was pretty strong.  Today, it is very weak. 

When my sister-in-law was saying something to me the other day, I had to intently listen in order to comprehend each word; I was spent.  I am so excited about Mango Languages finally launching the Sourath series. It has been a long-time coming.  This unexpected announcement pushed our Fall Fashion spread to the October issue.

My daughter is also very excited. She has been wanting to learn to speak our native language for a while now.  She took after-school classes as part of a pilot program and is itching to learn more.

 I am making a 2018 goal to spend time on a regular basis listening to the audio program and practicing the language.  Perhaps, I will make a concerted effort to only speak Sourath to my mom until I can comfortably communicate. 

This issue we feature our cover story about the Sourath language. Writer Ashourina Slewo pens the piece. It is another way to preserve our culture by keeping the language alive. 

Although not restricted to the Chaldean Culture, devotions to our Mother Mary and other saints are common in our community. It was the reason I wanted to cover the Shrine in Pontiac that Fr. Alex Kratz and his ministry has purchased.  We wanted to bring the story to you during the Month of August, which is the month honoring the Assumption of Our Mother Mary, but our Back to School theme bumped the story to this month.  We were also able to bring a snippet about the Carey Ohio annual event in our noteworthy section about the devotion to Mary. 

Speaking of preserving our culture and language, the Chaldean Cultural Center inside Shenandoah Country Club is hosting the grand opening event on Wednesday September 13.  This museum is the only one of its kind in the world.  If you have not taken a tour, it is a must. It is also a place to take visitors.  You can schedule your own private tour for a nominal fee per person and then have dinner inside the restaurant.   That is right – make it a night out.

If you have not read about the cultural center, go to our website and search for the articles. We have written about it a few times. 

Not only do we try to educate our readers on a monthly basis, we create a weekly newsletter that is blasted out every Tuesday and we post on our social media sites almost daily.  We are about educating the public about the Chaldean community while keeping our own people informed of what’s going on in the community. 

In every issue, we celebrate our culture and faith in some way.  We want our readers to do the same. 

Alaha Imid Koullen
(God Be With Us All)
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