A Leap of Faith

Vanessa Denha Garmo

Vanessa Denha Garmo

We are doing things a little differently this year. Instead of our Annual gift guide we typically include in the December issue, we decided to focus on Faith, Food, and Family while covering a local chef who appeared on the Food Network this fall for a baking contest.  Jonathon Elias is more than deserving to be on our cover page this month. He is a talented baker who has reached great heights in his career. 

His desserts may be the perfect treat for your Christmas table.  Like many people, Elias had faith in his work and the talents God gave him to launch his career.  

What about pairing the meal with a glass of wine? Elias is not the only Chaldean making strides in the culinary world. Harry Bahri is a Sommelier with national exposure as his wines are sold country-wide via the internet along with being sold in brick and mortar stores.   Ashourina Slewo pens that piece.

Let’s not forget about the meal itself. Monique Mansour talked with local women who have a flair for food; they shared their tips on cooking alternatives to traditional dishes.  

The Christmas season is really about celebrating our faith. 

Catholics around the globe witnessed a historic event that took place right here in Detroit.  Hundreds of Chaldeans were among the more than 65,000 who attended the Beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey at Ford Field last month. Millions more watched it globally on EWTN. I feel so blessed to have been at the event watching it LIVE with my family while two of our Chaldeans participated in the actual mass. I share the story of the Beatification with commentary from both Brother Faris Najor and Jenelle Faranso – each had a role in the celebration. 

We can now ask Blessed Solanus for intercession as we pray for so many things in life today. He was known as a good listener but especially for his unwavering faith in God. He always thanked Him ahead of time. 

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I admire those with that relentless faith. I look to them for strength. Fr. Solanus is someone I will add to my intercessory prayer list as I strive to become a better listener. I know that is only through listening that I can learn. 

Our community is really all about Faith, Food and Family and business plays a part in that combination.  We have faith that God will lead us into careers and opportunities that He sees is best.  Many of us started our entrepreneurial lives in the food business and we work hard for our families. 

On that note, I am excited to share a story about our third annual Entrepreneur Forum that was held at Shenandoah. Once again, I was honored to moderate the panel discussion that featured four very talented people successful in their respective industries. 

All these panelists have taken leaps of faith in their lives as they launched new businesses. We can learn from their expertise and experiences.  They inspired me to work on projects that I have had simmering on the back burner for years.  It is by listening to their stories and to God in prayer that I am ready to turn up the heat and create the plan to launch my ideas into reality. 

It is by believing in and accepting something outside the boundaries of reason that we can strive to be the best.  As Christians it is to believe in a subjective truth about the meaning of life, to believe in something that cannot be objectively confirmed in this world. So, take that leap but only take it with true faith in God that His will for us will be done. 

Alaha Imid Koullen
(God Be With Us All)
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