Finding the Value

Vanessa Denha Garmo

Vanessa Denha Garmo

I sit at my desk inside my home office looking at my 2017 list of goals. I have created a New Year’s list for at least the last 20 years. Every year I fall short of meeting my goals. Regardless, I will make one for 2018.  Like most recent years, I will create the plan to achieve each goal. The plan is what has helped me truly execute. 

There is value in the list.

In addition to creating my plans and hopefully achieving things in the new year and improving myself, I like to reflect on the past year. This is something I started to do recently as well. This looking back enables me to see the mistakes I have made as well as to find happiness in my successes. 

There is value in being reflective. How else can we learn?

As a journalist, I learn every day. There are great teachers who are considered experts in their own professions. It is the reason we share with our readers this cover story. I was truly interested in knowing the business trends for 2018 or least what are top industry investments for our community. One thing I have come to realize and have been told is that Chaldeans are great at reinventing themselves. The late Mike George pointed that out to me in an interview a few years ago.  We will be hosting our annual Entrepreneur Forum this year and I always look forward to listening to the insights of others. 

There is value in learning from those who are considered at the top of their game.

To find great worth in something, we must first list out what we value most.  With every passing year, my faith increases. My value on God and family deepens.  During an Advent Retreat last month, Sister Ann Shields told ECRC retreatants about the importance of prayer life and spending time with God. 

As a Christian, there is great value in prayer life.

Perhaps part of that New Year’s resolution list you write out is a list of what you value most. The list for me is God, family, health and work. I was talking to a fellow journalist on the phone earlier on the day I was writing this editor’s note and we were talking about this very thing: what do we value. He told me that he teaches his kids that life is about relationships. The happiest people in world are not necessarily the most successful but those who have the best relationships.  I take that one a step further. If we start with creating the best relationship with God, then the rest of our relationships become better. 

There is value in the people who are in our lives. 

As a journalist, I have always valued the truth and more so as Christian. As a reporter, you are trained to find and report on the facts. This past year we have seen so much negativity come to light, especially as it relates to sexual harassment in the work place.  I have always been a firm believer that the truth always comes out. It may take a while but eventually it is revealed. I heard a priest say this past year, don’t waste time trying to take down evil, evil will take down itself. 

When it comes to truth, there is no other option to value. 

The reality is that we need to find value in everything we do and how we live our lives. We need to find value in every passing year, in every relationship we have, in the work we do, the words we speak and the time we spend. 

There is value in life; we all need to find it. 


Alaha Imid Koullen
(God Be With Us All)
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