Sister, Sister!

Vanessa Denha Garmo

Vanessa Denha Garmo

About three years ago, I approached the ECRC team about creating a show about sisterhood. I just thought there was such a lack of true sisterhood in the world today and what a better way to approach it than from a Christian perspective.

In 2016, we launched Invitation to Sisterhood. We recorded 13 episodes with various guest hosts. We took 2017 off and this past year, we recorded 13 more episodes with two permanent co-hosts joining me — Adora Ibrahim from the Benedicta Institute for Women and Patrice Abona from ECRC.

Growing up with six sisters, it perplexed me how mean women can be to each other. My sisters and I fought growing up but deep down we always knew we loved each other. We often disagree today but we are never catty or mean-spirited. We genuinely care about each other.

So, when I entered the work force 20 some years ago, I was shocked to see how so many grown women still acted like middle school girls – backstabbing and lying about each other. I never knew how to handle it.

Over the years, I commiserated about this workplace reality with trusted allies who were just as frustrated. I know women who truly dislike other women at work. I once lost an account through my Denha Media Group company because the new communications person who took over hiring outside vendors only liked working with men. She only wanted to hire men vendors. It was a very
lucrative account and I lost it because of pettiness and female hatred from another female.

The Sisterhood show doesn’t focus on how to handle these kinds of women. Instead, we talk about issues that relate to helping each other whether you are dealing with abortion or a divorce. It’s about being sisters in Christ.

When Lisa Denha and LeeAnn Kirma launched the Chaldean Moms of Metro Detroit Facebook Page, my story telling radar went off. I thought, what a great audience to target and topic for a show series. I, once again, approached ECRC/Mar Toma Productions about producing a Mom’s show with Lisa Denha as the host. This time it would be a LIVE Facebook Show. Mom to Mom is now a new ECRC Show. With two shows recorded, it has proven to be a success. Thousands of women have watched both episodes.

You can find past shows on both the Mom’s page and on ECRC’s Facebook page.

Each month, we will bring you a new topic with new guest hosts to sit with Lisa and have a Motherhood conversation.

Meanwhile, the Facebook group has nearly 9,000 members and growing. Women are posting on a variety of topics including favorite recipes, safety issues, education, fashion and friendships. Women are also able to promote businesses weekly on Advertising Tuesday.

We thought this motherhood tale would make a great cover piece for this month. We bring you the Chaldean Moms of Metro Detroit story along with details about the Mom to Mom show.

I really do believe these are two important platforms to promote a sisterhood that seems to be lacking in this world.

Let’s not attack each other. Let’s be sisters to each other — Sister!

Alaha Imid Koullen
(God Be With Us All)
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