Back to work

Paul Jonna, Acting Editor in Chief

Paul Jonna, Acting Editor in Chief

In the last issue, we reintroduced the Chaldean News (CN) to you, our readers, under the ownership of the Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF). We outlined our vision and direction of the future of this publication with new columns while refining others. Each issue will also include sections dedicated to the numerous happenings of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce and the unbelievable community services provided at the CCF.

Another new section that you may have noticed in the October issue is the “Chaldean Digest.” While the biggest concentration of Chaldeans is here in Michigan, our community is making news in all parts of the world, across a variety of platforms. So, with this new section, we aim to provide you with as many stories from across the world that are relevant to our community.

Taking readers on a journey through the past, we will also be including a “Where Are They Now?” section, in which we will be catching up with prominent and influential members of the community. We’re talking to Saad Marouf this month. Who do you think we should catch up with next?

We are also proud to introduce a new column this month that focuses on informative information relating to Chaldean families, parents, and children. Be sure to read how Detroit Mom blog writer, Danielle Alexander, recommends how parents can ensure their children enjoy Halloween without sacrificing safety or peace of mind.

As we continue to revise our content to provide relevant, in-depth and informative stories that affect your lives, it’s no secret that our faith continues to guide our community. Now, more than ever, we need to hear from our Church, our priests and our Bishop on a wide range of issues. This past month, I had the unbelievable honor of baptizing my nephew, Matthew. During the baptism, Father Bryan was quick to remind each God parent of the responsibility that comes with such honor. Just as quick, was a much-needed reminder that we too, as God parents, must first follow the teaching of Jesus before leading another soul to salvation. With that said, it only makes sense that the CN’s “Religion” section serve as an opportunity for the Chaldean clergy to directly speak to our readers about topics surrounding the Church.

We are honored that Fr. Pierre Konja has taken the lead by penning the first piece in the new and improved CN “Religion” section. As rumors and distractions take a hold of the community, Fr. Pierre stresses the importance of focusing on the task at hand.

We will continue to cover topics that are within your home, that matter to you and that are relevant to the health and wellness of your family. With the unprecedented rise of food allergies, next month’s issue will include an article focusing on the dangers of food allergies. Please send us your stories, fears and coping measures in dealing with your child’s allergies.

Please always feel free to E-mail to tell us what is important to you.