Paul Jonna, Acting Editor in Chief

Paul Jonna, Acting Editor in Chief

I continue to be amazed by the accomplishments of our Chaldean community - a community filled with individuals who are committed to the betterment of their families, their faith and the surrounding communities in which they live. From the businesses involved in the Chaldean Chamber to the amazing team facilitating the much-needed social services at the Chaldean Community Foundation, everyone in our community continues to uplift and carry us to new levels. Frankly, I do not believe there has ever been an immigrant community in the United States that has accomplished so much in such a little time.

This month’s coverage is no different as we focus on the issues touching Chaldeans directly. We are covering individuals from our community who continue to break barriers affecting people across Michigan and our great nation. Paul Natinsky covers the groundbreaking story of Angelo Binno, who after years of tireless commitment to making the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) more accessible has finally succeeded. Originally filing the suit in 2011, Angelo’s fight to change the way the LSAT is administered has national implications. This is solid proof that one man can change the world.  

You will also notice the addition of a new legal column that will keep our readers informed and ahead of the latest changes in law, especially as the law relates to the Chaldean community. This month, attorney Nora Hanna is digging deeper into the issues surrounding the legality of the flavored vape ban and why she believes that criminalization is not the answer.

Shortly after the publication found itself under new ownership, we reached out to members of the community and asked them what they would like to see in The Chaldean News. Many responded with fervor that they would like to see in-depth pieces about travel, religion, culture, history and more. One of this edition’s stories is about travel blogger Nastasia Yakoub. Being Chaldean or a travel blogger is not what makes Nastasia’s story noteworthy. Instead, it is what she does with the platform she has built that makes a great story.

Nastasia uses her travel blog to get personal with her fans and followers, talking about her own struggles with both physical and mental illness. Opening up about these issues, the Dame Traveler hopes to start a dialogue both within and outside of the Chaldean community that will help others. This piece about travel, life, and struggle is penned by Bianca Kasawdish.

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