In transition

Paul Jonna, Acting Editor in Chief

Paul Jonna, Acting Editor in Chief

Since becoming the Chief Operating Officer at the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce (CACC) and the Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF), I have had the honor of working with an amazing group of dedicated people that are committed to furthering the success of our community. Every day brings new challenges, adventures and lessons. In this role, I continuously find myself taking on new projects that I would have never even thought of doing before working with the CACC and CCF. Regardless of whether we are planning a comedy show, building a mental health program or advocating for the halt of deportations, we are guided by our core values to dig deeper to obtain the best possible resolution.

As many of you may know, the CCF recently acquired the Chaldean News. With this acquisition, I have taken on the role of Acting Editor.

These last few weeks in the role have been exciting and informative. While I may not be an editor by trade, I have enjoyed learning the ropes and contributing my own thoughts and ideas to this publication, while learning more about the readers and incorporating their opinions as well.

I am thrilled to learn from those folks who know the paper through and through. The team that has comprised the Chaldean News for a long time has their own thoughts, ideas, and criticisms.

As acting editor, I am happy to take all of this in as the publication evolves to meet the growing needs of the community. I look forward to the changes that will come and to lending a unique perspective as an attorney with a background in communication.

Some things we hope to do now that the CCF has acquired the CN include covering a broader range of topics that provoke meaningful conversations across communities, lean in to new technology that allow our readers to read our publication across a variety of platforms and more importantly, provide readers with the latest news.

This is a time of transition for our publication and for our team. Bear with us as we work to bring you the best content we can.

We’re hitting the ground running as we discuss recent events that have impacted the community. On our cover, we have the story of Jimmy Aldaoud who was forcibly deported to Iraq despite being born in Greece and living the majority of his life right here in Michigan. Penned by Ashourina Slewo, Jimmy’s story is a tragic one that is important to the broader issues of deportation. 

In this issue we have also included a summary of the recent Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom and the Chaldean Synod, both topics pertinent to our community here as well as the homeland.

Beyond these pieces, you can also read about Sara Habbo, a young Chaldean woman who is seeking election to the Southfield City Council.

We have a variety of topics covered in this issue, each affecting the community in one way or another.

As we move forward, please feel free to reach out to the team with any ideas or topics you would like to see covered in the ever-evolving publication that is The Chaldean News.

We value your opinion. Send comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms to