MAY 2018

Career Fair
Orchard Lake Middle School’s (West Bloomfield) annual Career Fair had nearly a dozen Chaldean-American speakers from several fields. Pictured from L to R— nurse Wasan Garmo with Krystal Hermiz and Chantel Bahoura, both lawyers.

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Breakfast of Nations
The Breakfast of Nations event was designed to highlight the diverse immigrant and refugee residents/business owner in Macomb county and uplift their stories, experiences and contributions to the community. Panelist stories included: what it was like arriving to the area, what made their transition easier, and what community activities they’ve been involved since arrival. There were about 130 individuals in attendance, from non-profit organizations, to community colleges, health care professionals and law enforcement. The event took place on Friday, April 13 at the Carpathia Club in Sterling Heights.

CIAAM Book Release
Released April 16, Chaldean Iraqi American Association of Michigan by author and CIAAM president Jacob Bacall is “the newest addition to the Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series.” This book highlights the association of early Chaldean immigrants that came to America seeking a better life. All of the author’s proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Chaldean Cultural Center located in West Bloomfield. Pick up CIAAM today for a walk through past and present success stories that inspired several generations of Chaldean to come to America in search of the American dream.

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Buddy Bench to combat bullying
The St. Fabian Catholic School Girl Scout Troop 75122 raised the necessary funds to purchase a buddy bench for their school as a part of their community project. The purchase of the Buddy Bench is part of an anti-bullying campaign. The idea behind the Buddy Bench is to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. It’s about spreading the message of inclusion and kindness. If a child is sitting on it alone, it serves as a signal to the other kids to include him or her.

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Goodbye to Volleyball
Eighth-graders (L to R) Rakal Kizy, Angelina Manjo, Ella Dabish, and Leann Karim say goodbye at their last volleyball game at Orchard Lake Middle School. 


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Thursday Fast
Local police officers were invited to St. George Chaldean Catholic Church on Thursday, March 23 for a foot washing ceremony. Father Wisam Matti washed the feet of the following local police officers: Jason Abro, Samir Kato, Joe Haddad, Lance Seba, Nick Loussia, Michael Gorges, Albert Yasso, Anthony Petrykowski, Jason Conklin, Martin Youhana, Sevan Zaitou, and Jimmy Kinaya.

Chaldean for Kids

Creators and authors of the book series Chaldean for Kids books and accompanying learning materials are seeking legal action against the creator of a mobile application using the same name and Copy Right materials. Margaret Saroki Shamoun is asking members of the community to not support what is said to be a “blatant rip-off” of her books. From Shamoun, whose attorney has contacted the creator of the APP, has posted on social media, “...The copyrighted concept, name, and carefully designed pronunciations are the same. We would
really appreciate it if you would not support this stolen material...”

In response, the APP developer, has put out a statement on the Chaldean for Kids Mobile Application Facebook page. In this statement, the APP developer states that they have decided to donate all proceeds made by the APP will be donated to Chaldean churches and/or the Chaldean Iraqi Refugee Fund. Additionally, the APP developer states that graphic materials, texts, fonts, and translations were not reused and are their original content.

Heart of Mercy Award
Mercy High School senior, Annie Acho Tartoni was selected as this year’s student recipient of the Heart of Mercy Award. Students who “consistently display the values of human dignity, service, option for the poor, justice and mercy” are selected to receive this award.