Hanni (Denha) Seman

Hanni Seman 1.jpg

Hanni (Denha) Seman, known as Nana to her family, was born in TalKeppe, Iraq in 1925. She was the second oldest of seven children born to Mansour and Jamila Denha. Her brother Thomas passed away in 2011 and her younger brother Sabri passed in 2002. She is survived by her older brother Yousif and sisters Julie, Najiba and Samira.  In 1938, she married Jahad Seman and they had 12 children, 9 surviving: Mary, Najib, Basim, Basima, John, Peter, Lamia, Mike and Ann.  Jahad passed away in 1997. The two had 38 grandchildren and 48 great grandchildren. They lived in the same Southfield home for more than 50 years where family and friends were always welcome. Her front door was a revolving one - open to all who came over for fellowship and a meal.

Hanni Seman was also a businesswoman. She owned and operated businesses both in Iraq and America.  She emigrated to the United States in 1965 not knowing how to read and write, and barely spoke the English language. However, her tenacity and work ethic made her not only a survival but a success story. The family owned a liquor store in Detroit and owned a restaurant where Hanni cooked and served customers.

She had many wonderful memories including a trip to the Holy Land with her late husband.

She experienced back problems that caused her to use a walker. The last few month she had mini strokes and her memory started to suffer. However, she lived an into her 90s seeing her children and many grandchildren marry and have kids of their own.