Giving Thanks

We are in the month where Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Perhaps start each day this month reciting for all the people and things you are grateful. Below is a gratitude prayer. 

For Prayer of Gratitude
for God’s Blessings

O Lord and Vivifier,
Your grace has achieved for us
all that You had spoken
and promised. 

Grant us access to the
place of Your peace. 

For You are our Vivifier, 
You are our Consoler, 
You are our life Remedy, 
You are our Standard of Victory. 

Blessed are we, O Lord, 
because we have known You!

Blessed are we,
because we have believed in You!

Blessed are we, 
because we bear Your wounds
and the sign of Your Blood on our countenances! 

Blessed are we, 
because You are our great hope! 

Blessed are we, 
because You are our God forever!

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