The ECRC Corner

Starting in September, we will bring you a new column about the faith. Both Karam Bahnam and Jeff Kassab will rotate in writing this monthly piece. More people might participate in the rotation. We hope our readers find it engaging and insightful.

The Eastern Catholic Re-evangelion center also known as ECRC has been home to dozens of Chaldean volunteers for number of years now. Ever since its inception in 2001, the center has attracted volunteers of every age group.

All are coming with the intention of bringing themselves and others into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, but the question is how? Well the motto of the ministry gives us a clue. Learn, Live, Defend and Evangelize your Catholic faith are considered to be the elements needed to achieve the goal of intimacy with our Lord.

This motto has been implemented in every activity created, adapted or sponsored by ECRC. Activities like spiritual retreats, Theology classes, pilgrimages, or formation programs and many others. Creating an ECRC corner in this respected paper will help us accomplish this goal as well.

This section will emphasize the first objective of our motto which is to learn our faith. Understanding what we believe in is fundamental to our growth in the faith especially for us Chaldeans. The vast majority of Chaldeans are cradle Catholics who grew up in the faith which shaped us to be very pious individuals. Piety is wonderful yet not enough. As Christians, the bible challenges us to give an answer to the hope that we have in us. Are we able to do that today? Are we able to give an answer to everything we believe in? If your answer is “No” then stay tuned.

Karam Bahnam has a B.A. in Philosophy, is currently working on his M.A. and is a co-founder of ECRC; Jeff Kassab is a board member.