Seminarian professor challenges Pope Francis

By Michael Sarafa

Here comes a document signed by more than 70 priests, scholars, and church opinion leaders once again challenging 7 “heretical propositions” put forth by Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), his apostolic exhortation. The letter challenging the Pope is more significant for who did not sign it, which is nobody from the entire College of Cardinals and say but for one Bishop, currently suspended for his own unorthodoxies. 

Amongst their reprisals is that “The Joy of Love” contains propositions which contradict truths that are divinely revealed…” The authors are still bent about the notion of divorced people receiving Holy Communion because they are still living in a state of sin. But let’s leave that alone for now.

One signatory to this letter is notable for his geography. Right on Chicago Boulevard in Detroit works Dr. Phillip Blosser, Professor of Philosophy at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. His job: to train and educate the seminarians. Blosser told the Free Press that he loves Pope Francis but that the he would “like to see greater clarity and consistency in his teaching.” The nerve.

The Free Press quoted other experts that called these signatories “the extreme fringe” and “the usual suspects of really far right types who have been upset not only with this pope but others in recent years.” Pope Francis will continue to rebuff and ignore these challenges to his papacy by what he calls the “doctors of the law” more worried about rules than the ability to discern the manifestation of Jesus’ love in daily life.

But never mind all this. There’s a bigger problem. The Sacred Heart Seminary doesn’t just educate seminarians for the Archdiocese of Detroit. That is also where Chaldean Diocese priest candidates get their training. Why is this our business?

Twice a year all the Chaldean Churches take a collection to support the education of the Chaldean seminary students. Their tuition is expensive. There is a Seminarian fund created by former Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim just for this purpose. Many of us have donated to it over the years. There are other major fund raising events held throughout the years for this important and worthwhile cause.

I’m sure Professor Blosser must be a fine individual. But do we really want someone considered on the “fringe” of the Catholic Church to be teaching our future priests? Do we want the dollars we donate to support our seminarians’ education to go towards the salary of someone who accuses Pope Francis of heresy?

I would think not, but, where do you stand?