Are donations to politicians good investments?


With college tuition for three children imminent and continued involvement in important causes to our family, I’ve began to evaluate the priorities of the dollar. I’ve been in banking and finance for nearly 15 years but never really took to evaluating political contributions on a Return on Investment (ROI) basis.

When you buy a hamburger, you get food and nutrition and satisfaction. When you pay for schooling, you are educating your children. When you take a vacation, you get relaxation and enjoyment.

What the heck to you get when you donate to a political campaign?

Well, one argument would be you are participating in the American political process and helping to elect good people that are aligned with your philosophy. That argument certainly is true.

But another part of me says, I never got a thing. Politicians come and go, many of them keep recycling and nothing much ever changes. Meanwhile, there is often scandal, embarrassment and major examples of flat out crookedness. There is also gridlock, acrimony and often the seeming inability to come together on important issues of the day.

I’m not suggesting necessarily that people shouldn’t contribute to political campaigns, I’m simply wondering if all of us should do a better job of evaluating our ROI.

Where do you stand? 

Michael Sarafa is Co-publisher of  the Chaldean News.