Letter of protest

I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms the article by Michael Sarafa entitled “Seminarian professor challenges Pope Francis” (October 27, 2017), which was based on misinformation. Why was Sacred Heart Major Seminary not contacted first to get the facts straight? Why was I not contacted personally? Some weeks ago, the rector of the seminary released a communique to all priests in the Archdiocese setting the record straight and clearing up this misunderstanding. I did not give my permission to the drafters of the “Filial Correction” when it was sent to Pope Francis, and I subsequently asked to have my name removed. Since your article publicly casts into doubt my fidelity to the Holy Father and to the Catholic Faith as a seminary professor, I ask you to kindly offer a public retraction and apology for the statements in this article. Thank you sincerely, Phillip Blosser.