Two wise editorials

Dear Editors,

Thanks to Mike Sarafa for two wise editorials: “Be careful what you ask for” and “Red white and blue better than green.” I have two comments: First, those who vote strictly on one issue might be allowing hypocrite politicians to try to manipulate the issue. For example,  I would not be surprised if many politicians who run on holier than thou value platforms would be the first to seek abortion for their teenage daughters if any gets into a mistaken pregnancy that threatens her future plans. 

My second point is that while it is true that citizenship is more protective than green cards, it is best to have compassionate laws that do not punish someone twice for a mistake just because his parents failed to apply for citizenship for him.

Regarding the attempted deportation of so many Chaldeans, what many people might not know is that what is happening to the Chaldean Community in deportation tragedies had happened to other communities in the past, especiallythe Latino community.

The law allowing that was enacted in 1996 as part of the “contract with America” proposed by the Newt Gingrich Republican Party when they came to power in 1994. The Bush administration started aggressive enforcement, but the Obama administration reduced some of its harshness with the use of “prosecutorial discretion.” Unfortunately, the current administration removed all discretion and is enforcing the law to the maximum.

The fact there is a law on the books does not mean it is just, fair, or humane. But, what is happening now is Republican-made, from A to Z. Many of our community do not know that and maybe would not have known, unless it hit so close to home.

– Peter Anton