Thank you

Many thanks to Congressman John Moolenaar for his compassionate recent article in the Chaldean News. He correctly points out the hardship to our community when deporting Chaldeans who may have committed offenses decades ago, but have since built a law-abiding life, especially if they have U.S. born spouses and kids. We should all thank him for his efforts in introducing a bipartisan House resolution calling for the end of those detentions. I would also urge the Congressman to look at the source of the problem: a rather harsh immigration law enacted in 1996 where someone might be uprooted from his family and deported to another country he hardly knows. This might happen due to mistakes or conviction for offenses U.S. citizen might only get probation for. While the Chaldean community experienced the harshness of this law first hand, many others of different nationalities had been equally affected and suffered by it. Let’s be more compassionate to those who may have committed mistakes long time ago, but had since repented, paid their dues to society, and have since established a new, law-abiding life.

– N. Peter Antone