In response to First Generation American Guilt

I understand what you are saying. When you get your degree and start your life, the guilt will dissipate and you will be so thankful that she made the journey to America, and pushed you hard to succeed. She didn't sacrifice her dreams for you. Her dreams were to make a better life for her future children. She moved to this beautiful country before you were born, but throughout her journey, she did it because she wanted her future children to have the opportunities she never had. Those were her dreams and she fulfilled them. When you have children, you too will sacrifice for them. You will push them to succeed, and sometimes they will feel like they can't live life the way they want, and they will feel guilty for feeling that way, and you may say things out of love that will make them feel guilty. Your mother did a brave thing to go through the journey to come to this country. That was her dream. Her "job" as a parent was to make sure you don't take her sacrifice for granted, and to make sure you have all the skills needed to be self-sufficient, to be able to provide for your children, and to live the beautiful life you so deserve. I wish you and your family all the best.

Mary Barson