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The Chaldean-American Community

More than 113,000 Chaldeans call Metro Detroit home – and the number is growing. Chaldeans, the indigenous people of Iraq, are Eastern-rite Christians who speak Aramaic. In search of religious freedom and a better way of life, they began immigrating to the United States, particularly Southeast Michigan, in the 1920s. They have become one of the area’s most dynamic and respected communities.

Chaldeans are known for their strong family ties, dedicated work ethic and fierce loyalty to those who support their community. They are marked by a robust entrepreneurial spirit, particularly in retail. Some 90 percent of Detroit’s independent grocers, for instance, are owned by Chaldeans. Community members appreciate fashion and fine living and embrace the latest styles and trends.

Facts about Chaldeans:

  • Have an average household income of $138,888
  • Have a median household income of $96,100 – more than twice the U.S. national average
  • Have a median housing value of $339,100 – nearly twice the U.S. national average
  • Have an average household size of four people
  • Are entrepreneurial, with 57% of households owning at least one business, and 20% owning two
  • More than 9 out of 10 households live in a single-family residence
  • Put down roots – 55 percent have lived in their home for at least seven years
  • Nearly half of all households own 2 vehicles, and 21 percent own three

Source: The Chaldeans in Metro Detroit, 2007 Household Survey, by United Way and Walsh College

Why Advertise in the Chaldean News?

In these tough economic times, everyone is clamoring for a piece of your advertising pie. The Chaldean News allows you to connect with one of Southeast Michigan’s most loyal and lucrative ethnic communities. Reader feedback shows highly involved subscribers who not only peruse the magazine from cover to cover, but keep it prominently displayed on their coffee tables. Readers consider themselves much more than mere subscribers, tying the success of the magazine into their community’s overall viability.


  • 9,000 copies direct-mailed to Chaldean homes and businesses
  • 1,000 sold through news boxes and distributed at special events
  • 65% of readers reside in Oakland County
  • 25% of readers reside in Macomb County
  • 10% of readers reside in Wayne County
  • Readers receive the first day of each month

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– Victor Oraha, Sales Manager
Elder Ford, Troy

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