November 2019

Holiday foods

By Halim Sheena

The holidays are fast approaching and with them come several favorite dishes. We asked community members what their favorite Chaldean dish is during the holiday season.

My favorite Chaldean dish during the holidays is Dolma. Although we get it year round, there is something really special about eating it with my family during the holidays. I especially like sour dolma. Shout out to my grandma for being the best cook in the world!

Gabriella Sheena, 18, West Bloomfield


My favorite food to eat during the holidays is Mama Raja’s Quba Hamith. It’s my go to comfort food, especially when it’s cold out. Nothing is better than our mother’s food, if only I could master cooking like her!

Melanie Jarbo, 25, Shelby Township 


I love the holiday season because I love to spend time with my family. One big part of that is something that I also love, enjoying my mom’s cooking! During this time, she makes her amazing patcha, and we all enjoy every bite of it!

Tina Toma, 24, Shelby Township


My favorite Chaldean food during the holiday season is kulecha. It brings back memories of being a child in the kitchen and helping my mom make these seasonal cookies. The fresh baked smell reminds me of joy and bringing all the family together to celebrate the holidays.

Megan Narra, 25, West Bloomfield  


My favorite food to eat during the holidays is my grandma’s patcha with lots and lots of lemon. As much as my other family members try, nobody can make food like my grandma. Shout out to you Nana! Angelina Jappaya, 16, Walled Lake 


My favorite dish is kubba hamuth! The reason why that is my favorite dish during the Chaldean holiday season, is simply because my grandparents don’t make it all the time during the year. With the carrots and the thick tomato soup, it makes for one hell of an experience during Christmas! I can talk about it all day.

 Amer Bally, 25, Sterling Heights