Chaldeans are leaving their mark on the music scene

The Chaldean community presents an impressive pool of music talent from multiple generations, all over the country. Two of the foremost Chaldean musicians are gifted emcee, Biggie Babylon, and edgy guitarist, Mark Kassa of Slight Return. Both artists see music as a way to inspire Chaldeans like them who have similar dreams but may feel hesitant to pursue them because of lack of Chaldean representation in music.

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Working toward worldwide religious freedom

This past July in Washington, D.C., U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hosted a summit called the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, the second annual summit held on the topic. Civic and religious leaders, activists and policymakers were among those that convened the first two days, with foreign government delegations joining in the discussion on day three.

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Turning the Page

When we began this venture more than 15 years ago, we knew that the publica­tion we were creating was important, not just to the Chaldean communi­ty, but to all the communities with whom we interact.

The Chaldean News (CN) has grown to be more than a publication, more than a media outlet. Since the creation of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce (CACC) and the Chaldean Community Founda­tion (CCF), the strength of the Chal­dean community in metro Detroit has grown as well. The CN is the natural hub. It is poised to be the main source for breaking news and most up-to-date resources for Chaldeans, not just in Southeast Michigan but worldwide.

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Choosing a major

“I want to be an actress,” is what I wrote when my third-grade teacher asked our class to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up. To say the least, that is not the case today. However, that day my friend sitting next to me wrote down “I want to be a doctor”. She is now a pre-med student at the University of Michigan.

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Unleashing Catholic Schools

For centuries, Catholic schools have prepared boys and girls to become men and women of virtue – to fully develop into the person God created them to be – and to joyfully embrace their vocations.

The Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD) is Unleashing Catholic Schools through a recently unveiled document.

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The future is now

“There may be power in titles and status - but that alone does not make someone a leader,” says Mario Kakos.

Currently a senior at Michigan State University, Kakos has high hopes of making a difference long after he graduates. He is currently the Student Body President, majoring in political science and minoring in leadership of organizations.

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Teaching is a two-way street

 Areej Hakim of Rochester Hills, Mich. has taught for 14 years. She now serves as a school counselor at Sterling Heights High School.

“My most recent position in teaching was teaching English Learn­ers, or EL, for high school students. This was the most challenging and rewarding part of my career,” said Hakim. “I learned so much from our refugees…their bravery and insight are incredibly inspiring. Despite their monumental challenges, they are resilient. They are my heroes.”

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Business minded

Looking at Alaa Kishmish’s current career trajectory, one would never guess that the business major on the cusp of graduating was once pursuing a career in anything other than business. With a refined acumen for all things business, Kishmish, 24, is looking at graduating in December 2019 from the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University with a bachelor’s in business administration.

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Perspiration and inspiration

Andrew Jonna decided to attend Albion College because of its business program and small class sizes.

Joining the men's swimming team was a distant second place.

After a year at the private liberal arts college that only has about 1,500 full-time students and an average class size of less than 19 students, Jonna has changed his tune about swimming.

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CCF hosts citizenship summit

The Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF) hosted a citizenship summit in Sterling Heights on Thursday, May 23. As the path to citizenship can sometimes be a confusing one, the CCF hosted this event and invited community leaders in an effort to share knowledge and provide some clarity and guidance regarding the process.

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Strength, perseverance, and perspective

From a young age, Sara Murphy knew that she wanted to be independent. “I wanted to go to college, and I was determined to find a way to pay for it,” said Murphy. Murphy enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2009, and served until 2013, earning the rank and title of Sergeant. She ultimately went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Health Administration from Baker College in Auburn Hills. She graduated in June of 2016.

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