Brother Rice Mission Trip

Ten Brother Rice students took part in a mission trip to Peru over the summer, led by Spanish teacher, Kairos leader and 2002 Brother Rice High School alumnus, Andrew Ciesielski. While most took the opportunity to embark on the mission trip for the mere fact that it was a break from the everyday routine, they were met with life-changing experiences.

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Bishop’s New Position 

The Vatican announced Wednesday, August 9, that Pope Francis named Bishop Emanuel Hana Shaleta as head of the eparchy of Saint Peter Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans. “The [new] appointment was unexpected,” said Bishop Shaleta, who not long ago — in January 2015 — had been appointed to serve Mar Addai Eparchy of Toronto. “I was working in Toronto, trying to bring more priests to the eparchy. Things were moving forward there.” 

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A Letter to our Chaldean Community

To my community,

I feel an urgent need to reach out to our community leaders and the entire Chaldean community! 

Last week I buried my nephew, only 26 years old.  His life ended too soon due to a drug overdose.  My family is devastated by the tragic loss of our loved one. I wanted you to know that this problem has not only touched our family, but has become a problem throughout our community. 

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