Wedding trends for 2019

Wedding rituals have been around since the begin­ning of time. But, wed­ding trends come and go.

New, eye-popping trends inspired by social media, Hollywood and the Middle East are emerging for 2019 and the Chaldean community is em­bracing them, customizing them and taking them to exciting new levels.

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How to wow your guests

After the question has been popped and the date has been set, a pivotal wedding plan­ning question inevitably rears its head to a couple – should we have a big wedding or a small wedding? There are benefits to both, no doubt, as well as drawbacks. To help an engaged couple with the decision, Lawrence Yaldo and Andrew Kaina from Top that Table in West Bloomfield and June Abro from A June Event also in West Bloomfield lay out the pros and cons to each.

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Reclaim the crown

Every bride wants to look beau­tiful on her wedding day, and every bridesmaid hopes to wear a dress that is both fashionable and flattering. Beauty, after all, is one of God’s attributes, and women in a spe­cial way bear witness to the power of beauty to attract our attention. How­ever, part of the allure of beauty lies not only in what it reveals, but also in what it conceals, and this is where the meaning of modesty comes in.

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Gifts or cash?

More and more couples are moving away from traditional wedding registries and are instead choosing to ask their guests for monetary gifts. We wanted to know where members of the community stood in this debate.

New year, improved you

The new year is finally here and many people are digging within to find the motivation to become the best versions of themselves in the upcoming year. While social media feeds are inundated with sentiments that the new year will bring forth a different person, a different person is hardly necessary.

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It's legal: now what?

Marijuana is big business and it was long before the law passed to legalize it on a recreational basis. On December 6, Michigan became a green state, making it the 10th state in the nation to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. Even before Michigan’s recreational marijuana law went into effect, grow houses, dispensaries and medical marijuana licenses existed. The law is officially known as the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act

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Infertility: breaking the stigma

With so many couples strug­gling silently with infer­tility, three women in the community shed some light on what they went through with having chil­dren – the ups, the downs, and every­thing in between. In a Mom to Mom show hosted by Lisa Denha brought by the Eastern Catholic Re-evange­lization Center (ECRC) and shown live on the Chaldean Moms of Metro Detroit Facebook page, these women shared their stories of infertility and how they each managed to find their way through faith.

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