A Tahini Tradition

When Ronny Ayar’s great great grandfather, Yousif, went to work in a tahini factory in Iraq, a love and passion for tahini that would span five genera­tions was sparked. Working in this tahini factory, Ronny’s great great grandfather learned the ins and outs of the business, from producing to packaging – giving him the knowl­edge he needed to open his own ta­hini factory.

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In production

Working hard is a strong Chaldean trait and Dana Denha does just that. She’s a wife and mother in addition to being a talk show host, producer, script writer, editor, audio technician and camera operator at Community Television Network in Ann Arbor.

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New agent in charge

There is a new agent in town and he is in charge of the FBI – Detroit Bureau. Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Tim Slater moved back home to Michigan after his last stint in Washington DC and has been meeting groups across the region. He and his team met with Martin Manna and Chaldean Community Foundation members last month at the foundation offices in Sterling Heights.

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The art of an entrepreneur

John Jonna fell into the food and beverage industry because it was the only venture opened to the newly arriving Chaldean Immigrants to the United States. If you are truly to understand John Jonna, you will re­alize that he is an ardent entrepreneur and a well-versed passionate educator whose busi­ness classroom is in retail and restaurants.

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By the grace of God

Padre Pio once said, “Even though the Lord is in us, He still wants us to ask for what we desire.”

And that’s exactly what Jeff Kass­ab did after months of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to cure his co­lon cancer. He prayed to Jesus Christ and his favorite saint, Padre Pio.

“Lord, I am at your service,” he invoked. “You helped me, you healed me, and whatever you want from me I’ll give to You. That is my desire.”

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Making fitness fun

Just because summer is winding down, doesn’t mean the summer body that you worked so hard for should fade away along with it. Or, perhaps like many, you never quite got going on getting fit for summer because you absolutely de­spise the mere mention of the word `exercise’.

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Post primary

A couple months ago, we dedi­cated our July issue to in­forming our readers on key races throughout the state. We start­ed with the gubernatorial race and even got into a few of the congres­sional races. The August 7 primary was a whirlwind, candidates and constituents alike were on the edge of their seats awaiting the results.

We bring you the candidates that will be heading into the general elec­tion in about two months. Read up on your district and head into the polls prepared to make an informed decision – midterm elections are key in getting your voice heard in Lan­sing.

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The most defenseless

In May of 2016, Navy Seal Charlie Keating was embedded with Kurdish Peshmerga forces in an area of Northern Iraq known as the Nineveh Plain.  Christians, Yazidis, and the Shabak sect of Shia Islam all call the area home, forming a unique cultural mosaic, a centuries-old tapestry of religious diversity. ISIS targeted these communities for genocidal extermination. In a battle to regain control of the ancient Christian village of Teleskof, Charlie and his team were ambushed by ISIS. Charlie fell to a sniper’s bullet.

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College Bound!

As families plan their last-minute summer vacations and kids finish up weeks at camp, many others are packing for college. It’s the Back to School issue and the focus is on colleges and Uni­versities. We feature those that seem to attract a Chaldean population and are within driving distance of the Metro-Detroit area.

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Hope, healing, and happiness

The need for healing in the Chaldean community prompted the inception of the Eastern Catholic Re-Evangeliza­tion Center’s newest divorce minis­try. In particular, it was evident there was an immense amount of stigma attached to the “D” word: divorce. Divorce is a difficult experience for any person to endure, but it can be especially hard in the Chaldean community.

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A call to love and serve

This past June, thousands of people witnessed Fadie Gorgies and John Bardeleon Jaddou being ordained as priests at Mother of God Cathedral in Southfield. More than 1,000 people attended in person and thanks to technology, thousands more watched it LIVE on Facebook through ECRC’s Mar Toma Productions, directed by Fadi Attisha. The two were the 3rd and 4th seminarians to be ordained under His Excellency Bishop Francis Kalabat.

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Camp expands kids' spiritual, social horizons

Veteran summer camp professional Mike Hickey is spearheading an expanded Chaldean community overnight camp in Brighton, and he couldn’t be more excited.

“The camp life is such an opportunity with kids, the campers, to make a difference—really with the staff as well,” said Hickey. “If you are paying attention, you learn more from the kids than they learn from you.”

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