Many thanks!

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Chaldean News for recognizing the Chaldean Cultural Center (CCC) and the opening of its Museum as one of the main highlights of 2017 that affected the Chaldean community.  It was a long time in coming but our goal was to make it a true, credible museum with state of the art exhibits and media.  I would like to just clarify a point.  The Museum is certainly the most visible and historic accomplishment of the CCC.  However, we are not just the Museum.  We have sponsored guest speakers in the past as well as other forms of programming.  Throughout the years, since our inception in 2003, we have given many presentations about Chaldeans to law enforcement personnel, educators, health care professionals, and participated in corporate staff in-services based on cultural diversity.  We have and will continue to be the archivist for the entire, global Chaldean community.  We have a multitude of photographs that we have saved electronically for present and future use.  We are always seeking more photos and artifacts of Chaldeans throughout the world from past centuries to today.  In our office, which serves as a resource center, there is a growing library of books by or about Chaldeans in English, Aramaic, and Arabic.  There is also a gift shop.  A major part of our mission is to preserve our rich heritage and disseminate it to others, whether Chaldean or not.  The Museum has been the most major feat of the CCC but we have done much more to promote our identity and will continue to do so now and in the future.

Mary Romaya